• 12 start-ups from as many as five European countries have already been selected from more than 40 submissions
  • Space will be assigned to them so that they can explain the key points of their projects



With just two weeks to go before the deadline for applications to participate in the InsurtechNow Pitch Day, 12 start-ups from a variety of countries have confirmed that they will be presenting their projects at this event.

The Insurtech firms that have registered and been selected come from a variety of European countries such as Austria, Croatia, France and UK as well as Spain. They will give their presentations on 2 June, explaining the keys to their entrepreneurial projects in the field of insurance.

Innovation is also taking place in Spain. The Spanish system for promoting entrepreneurship seems to be effective as it is sparking today’s lively technological transformation. But steps are still needed to speed up growth to reach the same rate as in Europe. For this reason, there will be a large number of Spanish Insurtech firms, including Sentimer, Willowi, Legaliboo, Drivies, Wenalyze, Sharenjoy, Signaturit, Wiquot and Numen, the aim being to promote creative businesses and to boost investment and funding in this area within Spain.

Spain is not only a very varied country but also serves as an excellent point of entry into Latin America, which could benefit from the strong European ecosystem of start-ups, accelerators and incubators. So other European countries will also be represented during Pitch Day, such as AMODO (Croatia), Shift Technology (France), Netinsurer (Austria) and SweatCoin (United Kingdom).

Some companies, such as Sharenjoy or Drivies, have already announced their projects on InsurTechNOW, the first radio competition in Spain for start-ups in the insurance sector, defending their projects in the hope of winning the prize: free advertising valued at 8,000 euros.

The Global Summit for Insurance Innovation 2016 – key statistics

At the last Global Summit for Insurance Innovation in 2016 organised by INESE, 120 insurance executives gathered in a single day, and 20 speakers gave first-class presentations to more than 65 companies from 15 different countries.

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